Who’s Been Cooking

I experience the better part of my life through food!

The sound of the blade hitting the wooden board, the quick sizzle of food as it skittles across the frying pan. The whiz of my newest kitchen gadget (that I can’t get over), the smells stroking the senses and finding that perfect balance with a drizzle, a dash and a sprinkle! The tentative first few bites till I can tell that the brood (Gadget Guy + Two) will enjoy this meal!

Whether I’m home or travelling… I’m exploring food; hunting down new places, haunting farmer markets, playing with colors, balancing flavors & textures! There are a few things better than an enjoyable meal over a good conversation, not to mention that first mouthful…

Yes, I live my life through food! And you’ll usually find me standing, peering into the larder or the fridge… drumming my fingers against their doors with that darn million dollar question on my mind!!! What do I make for dinner tonight?????